It’s Up to You

I’ve always heard I’m great at motivating people. People can do more than they believe.  It’s the simple formula of mind over matter. When I was elementary school, I had a principal whom started school off each day saying, “Success comes in CANS, not CAN NOTS and Whether you win or lose, it is up to you to choose!” These two quotes stuck with me and when I need a motivation and silent say each one.

I’m a real estate agent that loves to write and both passions require I push myself daily. Each day isn’t roses and rainbows but it’s how I view the task assigned that’s important. Find the positive pieces in every situation.  I’m not sure if anyone browsing this blog needs a pick me up today, but please understand you can achieve your dreams, you just have to believe.

2 thoughts on “It’s Up to You

  1. Dreams are complex entities. Very much like humans. Sometimes, when you reach them, they have away of reinterpreting themselves. Take care. It’s nice to have bumped into your blog.


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