The Cardboard Sign

I’ve been a busy bee during this quarantine season. Coming this April, I will be releasing another book entitled, The Cardboard Sign. Sometimes an idea is halfway there, but with all of the free time I’ve had during the Covid-19 quarantine, I had no choice but to buckle down and finish this project.

Amid the cold, unforgiving world lives a young girl, Kasey, that carries the weight of the world on her shoulders. She understands more than most girls her age and internalizes the problems troubling the adults in her life. On the way home from school, she ends up bonding with a local homeless person despite her mother’s warnings. Her newfound friendship shows her although life is unpredictable, it can be as sweet as honey. Fearing no one will really understand her concerns for the world in which she dwells, Kasey jots down her thoughts in a series of private journal entries. Take the journey with The Cardboard Sign as Kasey focuses on the bigger picture.

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