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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all of my followers. I hope this year finds you in great peace, health, and prosperity. 2021 was a special year for me as an author, and I am forever grateful for each of you. I released Oh No! They’re Here, The Cardboard Sign: Kasey’s View (Book #1), and The Cardboard Sign: Laura’s View (Book #2). I also began my podcast, K.Y. Thompson Books, again. Check out the latest episode here:https://anchor.fm/kythompsonbooks/episodes/The-Cardboard-Sign-Lauras-View-e1cas04

This year, I’m writing a fantasy novel, and I get excited every time I think about the possibilities ahead. The idea popped into my head, and I couldn’t shake the off-the-wall idea. I took the plunge and began crafting this new work. Although Covid has reduced the number of in-person events, there are ways we can connect (Zoom, podcast, etc.). Things will work out how they are supposed to work. I look forward to connecting with you all in 2022.


K.Y. Thompson

Cooking with Granny

Kasey’s grandmother in The Cardboard Sign is a top-tier cook. Everyone she meets loves her cooking. Kasey’s grandmother cooks for all of their family events, and although she shies away from the praise, she secretly loves all of the attention.

Today, Granny (as Kasey calls her) will be teaching us how to cook an easy recipe that she believes all us non cooks should at least be able to accomplish without making a complete mess.

Author K.Y. Thompson: Good Morning Granny. Can I call you Granny?

Granny: Yes, ma’am Granny is fine. Kasey insists everyone calls me Granny anyway. I told the child, I have a name. But oh no! She renamed me, Granny.

Author K.Y. Thompson: What is your name Granny?

Granny: People outside of the family call me Mrs. Winston. That’s neither here nor there. Let’s get down to this recipe. I don’t have all day. You promised this would be a quick session.

Author K.Y. Thompson: Why yes, I did. Okay. Let’s get started.

Granny: Today we will be making peanut butter cookies. I always start with a dessert. If you burn this, well… there isn’t much help for you.

Author K.Y. Thompson: Okay, peanut butter cookies sound easy enough. How do we make them?

Granny: Get the ingredients for me, honey: peanut butter, eggs, sugar, and chocolate chip morsels.

Author K.Y. Thompson: That’s it? No flour or anything?

Granny: Honey, did I mention flour? No, I did not. So there is no flour in this recipe.

Author K.Y. Thompson: Sorry, Mrs. Winston, Granny.

Granny: This simple recipe has been in my family for many generations.

1) Turn on the oven to 350 degrees.
2) In a mixing bowl, add 1 cup of peanut butter, 1 cup of sugar, and 1 egg.
3) Add 1/2 cup of chocolate chip morsels and mix it into the peanut butter mixture.
4) Take a small amount of the mixture and form a small ball shape. Put the rolled ball into a baking dish.
5) Repeat step 4 as needed. This recipe should produce around 10 cookies (depending on the size of the cookie).
6) Place cookies in the oven and bake for 10-12 minutes.
7) Remove cookies from the oven and let cool for 5 minutes.
8) Share your cookies with loved ones!

Granny: If you didn’t burn the cookies, make sure to tell everyone Granny’s family is the mastermind behind this recipe. 😉

Author K.Y. Thompson: Well folks, let me know how your cookies turned out. I’m sure Granny will be expecting greatness.

Character Interview: Laura

Get to know one of the characters from The Cardboard Sign: Laura’s View.

Full Name: Laura Greenwell

(Who are your parents?) My mom is Helga Greenwell. My dad is Jimmie Greenwell.

(Do you have any siblings?) No, I’m the only child.

(Are you right or left handed?) Right Handed

(Which words or phrases do you most overuse?) I don’t think I have any, but my best bud Kasey loves the word “JUST”. Lol.

(What grade are you in now?) I just finished the 8th grade. I’m so excited for high school. 

(What is the most wicked thing you have ever done so far?)  I wouldn’t say it was evil, but it had something to do with Keila. I’d rather not say what. I wrote about it in my journal though.

(How close are you to your family?) My mom is my world.

(Which person do you wish you were closest to?)  I’m good with my small circle. I can’t think of anyone else at the moment.

(Who is the person you despise the most, why?) Keila makes me want to puke!

(How do you deal with stress?)  I draw. It relaxes me 100%.

(What do you have in your pockets or purse?) Lip gloss.

(Do you enjoy school? If not, why do you struggle?) School is okay. I used to hate it at one point but it’s gotten much better.


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Character Interview: Kasey

Get to know the characters from The Cardboard Sign.  Book: The Cardboard Sign: Kasey’s View

Full Name: Kasey Barteen

(Who are your parents?) I tell people to address them as Mr. and Mrs. Barteen.

(Do you have any siblings?) Yes, one.  Charlise “Sissy” Barteen

(Are you right or left handed?) Right Handed

(Which words or phrases do you most overuse?) Not quite sure.  There probably are just a few? Let me think…. I’ll say the word “Just”.  It just fits in with most situations.

(What grade are you in now?) 8th grade 

(What is the most evil thing you have ever done so far?) Evil is not in my vocabulary. I’m a saint.

(How close are you to your family?) Very close, I love them all, even Little Dennis. We mesh like peanut butter and jelly.

(Which person do you wish you were closest to?) My dad.  We’re just having a rough patch right now.

(Who is the person you despise the most, why?) Christopher Harrowing. He’s not the person I thought he was when we first met.

(How do you deal with stress?) I write in my journal.

(What do you have in your pockets or purse?) Just some pens and puzzle pieces.  What about you?

(Do you enjoy school? If not, why do you struggle?) For the most part, school is just okay. I like my friends and some of my classes.  It’s not like I can just not go to school… ya know?

The Cardboard Sign: Kasey’s View

The Cardboard Sign: Kasey’s View is available for preorder on most platforms. This book has been a labor of love that I am proud to finally be able to share with the world. The last day to preorder is May 30, 2021. The book will be available for all to enjoy on May 31, 2021. Will you have the courage to take a look to discover the truth?