Character Interview: Laura

Get to know one of the characters from The Cardboard Sign: Laura’s View.

Full Name: Laura Greenwell

(Who are your parents?) My mom is Helga Greenwell. My dad is Jimmie Greenwell.

(Do you have any siblings?) No, I’m the only child.

(Are you right or left handed?) Right Handed

(Which words or phrases do you most overuse?) I don’t think I have any, but my best bud Kasey loves the word “JUST”. Lol.

(What grade are you in now?) I just finished the 8th grade. I’m so excited for high school. 

(What is the most wicked thing you have ever done so far?)  I wouldn’t say it was evil, but it had something to do with Keila. I’d rather not say what. I wrote about it in my journal though.

(How close are you to your family?) My mom is my world.

(Which person do you wish you were closest to?)  I’m good with my small circle. I can’t think of anyone else at the moment.

(Who is the person you despise the most, why?) Keila makes me want to puke!

(How do you deal with stress?)  I draw. It relaxes me 100%.

(What do you have in your pockets or purse?) Lip gloss.

(Do you enjoy school? If not, why do you struggle?) School is okay. I used to hate it at one point but it’s gotten much better.

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