Character Interview: Kasey

Get to know the characters from The Cardboard Sign.  Book: The Cardboard Sign: Kasey’s View

Full Name: Kasey Barteen

(Who are your parents?) I tell people to address them as Mr. and Mrs. Barteen.

(Do you have any siblings?) Yes, one.  Charlise “Sissy” Barteen

(Are you right or left handed?) Right Handed

(Which words or phrases do you most overuse?) Not quite sure.  There probably are just a few? Let me think…. I’ll say the word “Just”.  It just fits in with most situations.

(What grade are you in now?) 8th grade 

(What is the most evil thing you have ever done so far?) Evil is not in my vocabulary. I’m a saint.

(How close are you to your family?) Very close, I love them all, even Little Dennis. We mesh like peanut butter and jelly.

(Which person do you wish you were closest to?) My dad.  We’re just having a rough patch right now.

(Who is the person you despise the most, why?) Christopher Harrowing. He’s not the person I thought he was when we first met.

(How do you deal with stress?) I write in my journal.

(What do you have in your pockets or purse?) Just some pens and puzzle pieces.  What about you?

(Do you enjoy school? If not, why do you struggle?) For the most part, school is just okay. I like my friends and some of my classes.  It’s not like I can just not go to school… ya know?

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