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🚨🚨Book Giveaway!! 📗Win an ebook copy of The Cardboard Sign: Laura’s View, Book #2. I will give away a copy to two winners ‼️ Contest ends Saturday, July 16, 2022 at 11:59 pm EST.

Entry Rules:

  1. The Cardboard Sign: Kasey’s View, Book #1 is free for a limited time. This book can be downloaded for FREE on Apple, Barnes and Noble, and Kobo. If anyone can answer the question, what are the names of the twins in book 1? And include the answer under this post.
  2. Send an email copy of the book download receipt to kythompsonbooks@gmail.com

Happy Reading!!! 📚

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all of my followers. I hope this year finds you in great peace, health, and prosperity. 2021 was a special year for me as an author, and I am forever grateful for each of you. I released Oh No! They’re Here, The Cardboard Sign: Kasey’s View (Book #1), and The Cardboard Sign: Laura’s View (Book #2). I also began my podcast, K.Y. Thompson Books, again. Check out the latest episode here:https://anchor.fm/kythompsonbooks/episodes/The-Cardboard-Sign-Lauras-View-e1cas04

This year, I’m writing a fantasy novel, and I get excited every time I think about the possibilities ahead. The idea popped into my head, and I couldn’t shake the off-the-wall idea. I took the plunge and began crafting this new work. Although Covid has reduced the number of in-person events, there are ways we can connect (Zoom, podcast, etc.). Things will work out how they are supposed to work. I look forward to connecting with you all in 2022.


K.Y. Thompson

September Online Book Club Meeting: The Last of the Firedrakes

The Last of the Firedrakes by Farah Oomerbhoy was quite the experience for me. I loved reading about the different worlds created in the book. The author’s use of imagery helped me visualize the magical world and all of its inhabitants. There were so many magical creatures that kept popping up as pleasant surprises. I always enjoy a story about a person that can overcome and can create/and or find a new sense of belonging. All in all, I enjoyed reading this month’s book club choice.

Below are some questions to spark a conversation about The Last of the Firedrakes. Comment and let us all know your thoughts surrounding each question.

Question #1
Which event in the story causes all the other events? Did the author do a good job building the suspense around the event?

Question #2
How does the main character change throughout the book?

Question #3
There are several nontraditional characters in the book. Which ones were you drawn to or which nontraditional characters were your favorite?

Question #4
If the book was written from another character’s point of view, who would it be? And why did you choose this particular character?

Question #5
There are several visual symbols described throughout the book. Think about one in particular. What does this symbol represent?

Question #6
How would you describe the author’s style of writing? Did you enjoy this style of writing?

Question #7
If you could ask the author one question about this book, what would you ask?

Question #8
If you were dropped off in the world of this book, how do you think you would fare? Whose side would you choose? Why?

Question #9
Which character would you invite for dinner and why?

Question #10
If you were making this book into a movie or a tv show, who would cast to play the lead roles?

Question #11
After reading book 1, will you continue to read the other two books in the trilogy? Will you recommend book 1 to others? Why or why not?

If you have any additional questions that you would like to ask the readers about The Last of the Firedrakes, leave them below in the comment section.

Thanks again for reading this month’s book club choice!

Cooking with Granny

Kasey’s grandmother in The Cardboard Sign is a top-tier cook. Everyone she meets loves her cooking. Kasey’s grandmother cooks for all of their family events, and although she shies away from the praise, she secretly loves all of the attention.

Today, Granny (as Kasey calls her) will be teaching us how to cook an easy recipe that she believes all us non cooks should at least be able to accomplish without making a complete mess.

Author K.Y. Thompson: Good Morning Granny. Can I call you Granny?

Granny: Yes, ma’am Granny is fine. Kasey insists everyone calls me Granny anyway. I told the child, I have a name. But oh no! She renamed me, Granny.

Author K.Y. Thompson: What is your name Granny?

Granny: People outside of the family call me Mrs. Winston. That’s neither here nor there. Let’s get down to this recipe. I don’t have all day. You promised this would be a quick session.

Author K.Y. Thompson: Why yes, I did. Okay. Let’s get started.

Granny: Today we will be making peanut butter cookies. I always start with a dessert. If you burn this, well… there isn’t much help for you.

Author K.Y. Thompson: Okay, peanut butter cookies sound easy enough. How do we make them?

Granny: Get the ingredients for me, honey: peanut butter, eggs, sugar, and chocolate chip morsels.

Author K.Y. Thompson: That’s it? No flour or anything?

Granny: Honey, did I mention flour? No, I did not. So there is no flour in this recipe.

Author K.Y. Thompson: Sorry, Mrs. Winston, Granny.

Granny: This simple recipe has been in my family for many generations.

1) Turn on the oven to 350 degrees.
2) In a mixing bowl, add 1 cup of peanut butter, 1 cup of sugar, and 1 egg.
3) Add 1/2 cup of chocolate chip morsels and mix it into the peanut butter mixture.
4) Take a small amount of the mixture and form a small ball shape. Put the rolled ball into a baking dish.
5) Repeat step 4 as needed. This recipe should produce around 10 cookies (depending on the size of the cookie).
6) Place cookies in the oven and bake for 10-12 minutes.
7) Remove cookies from the oven and let cool for 5 minutes.
8) Share your cookies with loved ones!

Granny: If you didn’t burn the cookies, make sure to tell everyone Granny’s family is the mastermind behind this recipe. 😉

Author K.Y. Thompson: Well folks, let me know how your cookies turned out. I’m sure Granny will be expecting greatness.

Character Interview: Laura

Get to know one of the characters from The Cardboard Sign: Laura’s View.

Full Name: Laura Greenwell

(Who are your parents?) My mom is Helga Greenwell. My dad is Jimmie Greenwell.

(Do you have any siblings?) No, I’m the only child.

(Are you right or left handed?) Right Handed

(Which words or phrases do you most overuse?) I don’t think I have any, but my best bud Kasey loves the word “JUST”. Lol.

(What grade are you in now?) I just finished the 8th grade. I’m so excited for high school. 

(What is the most wicked thing you have ever done so far?)  I wouldn’t say it was evil, but it had something to do with Keila. I’d rather not say what. I wrote about it in my journal though.

(How close are you to your family?) My mom is my world.

(Which person do you wish you were closest to?)  I’m good with my small circle. I can’t think of anyone else at the moment.

(Who is the person you despise the most, why?) Keila makes me want to puke!

(How do you deal with stress?)  I draw. It relaxes me 100%.

(What do you have in your pockets or purse?) Lip gloss.

(Do you enjoy school? If not, why do you struggle?) School is okay. I used to hate it at one point but it’s gotten much better.

Past 2021 Book Group Discussions

April: The Conductors by Nicole Glover

Welcome to the online discussion of The Conductors. Please share your initial thoughts below.

1) Was the term sigil familiar before reading The Conductors?

2) Discuss Hetty’s relationship with Benjy. How did it change by the end of the book?

3) Why do you believe the runaways disregarded their old lives once they made it to Philadelphia?

4) Hetty was a skilled seamstress. Everyone knew this. Discuss the comparison of Hetty working for the mistress versus working for Mrs. Harper.

5) The use of magic was widely used throughout the book. Do you believe the author insinuated magic was a medium historical runaways must have used to escape slavery?

6) Charlie Richardson was murdered. Who did you think was the killer? Did you guess correctly? How did you feel once the killer was revealed?

7) Discuss Eunice and Clarence’s relationship.

8) Alice was in search of her sister Judith. What was the dynamic of their relationship? Was Judith ever lost?

9) Isaac tried to bury Charlie using magic, but it was frowned upon. Why do you think the use of magic was not acceptable at this particular moment?

10) Throughout the book, Hetty never stopped searching for her sister, Esther. How did their discovery of one another bring the story into a full circle? How was their sisterly bond different from Alice and Judith’s bond?

Bonus Question) Thomas left abruptly, and Oliver left at the end. Discuss their relationship. Did you discover any hidden messages?

May: Hushabye by Celina Grace

1) How did you all enjoy the book. Discuss below.

2) Kate was the main character in the book. Describe her character development.

3) Who did you believe killed Dita and kidnapped Charlie?

4) Describe Nate’s relationship with Casey versus his relationship with Gemma.

5) Were you surprised with Gemma’s outcome, or did you predict it?

6) Kate was an overachiever. Discuss how her past shaped her future.

7) Did you empathize with Rebecca?

8) The final outcome…. yay or nay? Discuss below.