Past 2021 Book Group Discussions

April: The Conductors by Nicole Glover

Welcome to the online discussion of The Conductors. Please share your initial thoughts below.

1) Was the term sigil familiar before reading The Conductors?

2) Discuss Hetty’s relationship with Benjy. How did it change by the end of the book?

3) Why do you believe the runaways disregarded their old lives once they made it to Philadelphia?

4) Hetty was a skilled seamstress. Everyone knew this. Discuss the comparison of Hetty working for the mistress versus working for Mrs. Harper.

5) The use of magic was widely used throughout the book. Do you believe the author insinuated magic was a medium historical runaways must have used to escape slavery?

6) Charlie Richardson was murdered. Who did you think was the killer? Did you guess correctly? How did you feel once the killer was revealed?

7) Discuss Eunice and Clarence’s relationship.

8) Alice was in search of her sister Judith. What was the dynamic of their relationship? Was Judith ever lost?

9) Isaac tried to bury Charlie using magic, but it was frowned upon. Why do you think the use of magic was not acceptable at this particular moment?

10) Throughout the book, Hetty never stopped searching for her sister, Esther. How did their discovery of one another bring the story into a full circle? How was their sisterly bond different from Alice and Judith’s bond?

Bonus Question) Thomas left abruptly, and Oliver left at the end. Discuss their relationship. Did you discover any hidden messages?

May: Hushabye by Celina Grace

1) How did you all enjoy the book. Discuss below.

2) Kate was the main character in the book. Describe her character development.

3) Who did you believe killed Dita and kidnapped Charlie?

4) Describe Nate’s relationship with Casey versus his relationship with Gemma.

5) Were you surprised with Gemma’s outcome, or did you predict it?

6) Kate was an overachiever. Discuss how her past shaped her future.

7) Did you empathize with Rebecca?

8) The final outcome…. yay or nay? Discuss below.

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